January 23, 2008

All the pictures from the vacation

It's hard to believe we've already been back for 2 weeks, but pictures from our trip are finally ready. More after the Jump.

Below you'll find several slideshows from our trip. Clicking on the slideshow will take you to the actual album (where the photos are higher quality).

First off, our first batch of pictures from Sydney. These were already linked in a previous post, but we'll through them in here just to be complete:

Next, Tasmania. We posted some pictures of Tasmania before, here is a complete album:

Now it's off to beautiful (and hot) Cairns for pictures of SCUBA diving:

We returned to Sydney for some New Years fireworks and fun, and stayed for a couple more days:

Finally we stopped for a few wonderful days in Hong Kong:

So that's all the photos! Stay tuned for some written recaps, and of course, videos!

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