December 17, 2007

Videos from Sydney

Our first two days in Sydney have been incredible!

On the first day we explored downtown, which is gorgeous, and full of character. We took a little walk on a trail in north Sydney, and Tisha got to see some lizards! We wrapped up the day by taking the ferry back into downtown, and were rewarded with some amazing views of Sydney from the water. Sydney waterfront has a variety of street performers, and this guy was our favorite:

His group is called "The Web", and we loved the music so much, we bought the CD. We do not do that often! The CD, "Spirit of the Land" is a great album by the way. If you enjoy electronica, world music, or just something good, I recommend it. Check it out, here.

The big highlight of day two was our visit to the Sydney zoo. This was by far the best zoo we had ever seen. For starters, it had spectacular views of Sydney. In addition there were loads of animals from all over the world, and they had wonderful habitats for them. We saw a bird show that was quite memorable, and the meerkats were the definition of "cute". Tisha also got to see lots of reptiles, which she just loves. We also made friends with a few African transplants.

After the zoo we took another ferry back into downtown, and decided to check out the world famous Sydney Opera House. The nutcracker is running here for the holidays, and we weren't surprised to learn it was sold out. But wouldn't you know it, some people who arrived late sold gave us their tickets and we were able to see the second act! Yes, we know we live a charmed life.

I would love to write more, but it's two in the morning and our flight to Tasmania is quite early.


Slideshow (will post more photos later):

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Mom said...

James & Tisha I love your blog. It is way cool to see your adventure. Thanks for thinking of us!

By the way, Jeni got her engagement ring last night.