September 21, 2007

Awaji Soccer Tourney

When I first came to Japan, there wasn't much ultimate being played in Kansai, so I decided to join the Hyogo JET soccer team. I was pretty bad when I first started but after 4 years of off and on practice and tournaments I have attained some level of competency. Last weekend we brought two womens teams to the annual ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) Awaji Soccer Tournament. James and I didn't take many pictures but he did get a video of me tripping a girl (sorry!)

The Tishanator strikes again

Both Hyogo teams were split evenly and my team Hyogo B went on to win the whole tournament! While I wasn't too interested in the case of beer we won, it was pretty cool to win. It was also nice to have my own personal cheerleader for the whole tourney. ^_^


James said...

That's my girl! Way to bring the pain Tisha! Seriously though, Tisha kicked some butt last weekend, and had a huge play in the championship game as the keeper when she booted a challenge halfway down the field.

Eric Newcomer said...

Eat dirt!

Tish said...

Way to go gal...Mom

Tisha said...

Thanks Mom! I didn't mean to trip that girl though..